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Bryan Sweet & Randy Carver

Will You Be Disrupted? Never has the pace of change been this fast, and it will never be this slow again. The financial services industry is experiencing rapid change in technology, expectations from both clients and employees, compliance and regulatory demands and business structure. We see firms being consolidated and large players like Amazon entering the wealth services arena. This opening session will look at whether you will thrive or struggle; be a disruptor or be disrupted and set the stage to kick off EWAS 3.0.     
Randy Carver, Carver Financial
Endemic Growth: The Core Growth Strategy of Elite Financial Professionals.  This presentation reveals how top financial professionals are sustaining growth while addressing the increasing complexity of their businesses. It will identify the core strategies that help competitor-proof your business, while adding a sequential process for a meaningful breakthrough in the quality and quantity of your new client acquisition.

Chris Jeppesen, Chief of Advisor Consulting | Co-Author, First Trust
Current Trends and Topics for Succession Planning for RIAs, Broker/Dealers, and Hybrids.  We will discuss the current trends and topics, and, most importantly, the material points that you should consider when formulating a succession plan for your RIA, BD, or Hybrid. Topics will include mergers & acquisitions, setting up your own RIA, and succession planning options for you and your partners that should be considered. 
T. Ted Motheral, Partner at Walter | Haverfield LLP
10:25am- 10:45am
10:45am - 10:50am
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Leveraging Digital Tools to Better Engage With Prospects and Improve Your Close Rate. In our ever-changing industry, advisors must find new ways to increase their prospect pipeline and better engage with current prospects, digitally. Traditionally, both prospecting and business development tools for advisors are mostly focused on investments. As an advisor himself, Andrew Altfest and his team at Altfest Personal Wealth Management, were looking for new ways to generate leads faster, all while showing the value they provide clients through holistic financial planning.

In this session, Andrew will discuss the ways in which he and his firm both capture and nurture qualified leads and he will walk us through his unique new tool, The Prospect Accelerator, a new digital experience that automates this process, provides true prospect engagement and delivers both qualified and validated leads.

With minimal insight into a prospect’s financial situation, advisors can obtain actionable planning recommendations for them in a personalized proposal that includes a Financial Wellness Score.

Andrew Altfest, founder & CEO of FP Alpha
11:40am - 11:45am
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1:00pm - 1:05pm
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True North Networks
1:10pm- 1:55pm
9 Videos to Use in Your Marketing Funnel to Significantly Grow Your Business: Learning when, where, and how to use video in your marketing funnel that will bring your ideal client from strangers to raving fans.

Summer Mulder, Founder of The Draw Shop
2:00pm- 2:45pm
The New Rules in Growing Wallet Share. Behavioral finance theory helps advisors navigate their clients through the emotional and practical aspects of investing. We’re learning, however, that understanding your clients’ personas and emotions can also help you gain a larger share of their wallet.

In this presentation, Laura Gregg will discuss new research that reveals the motivations driving high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors in their decision to give an advisor a larger allocation of assets.  We’ll discuss five client personas and the biases and beliefs that drive their decisions. Learn what you should do – and what you should never do – when seeking more assets from clients based on their unique persona. Think you’re managing all of your clients’ assets? You may be surprised, but these new strategies may help you get more than you have today.

Laura Gregg, Director of Practice Management
and Advisor Research at FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds
2:45pm- 3:05pm 
3:05pm - 3:10pm
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ProudMouth - Matt Halloran
3:15pm- 4:00pm
A Boom or a Bust? Talking with Clients about Bitcoin and Digital Assets.  Over the past few years, investor interest in bitcoin and other digital assets has grown exponentially as a result of bitcoin’s historic financial gains and rising institutional demand. Further, the underlying technology driving the development of decentralized finance, or DeFi, is considered by some to be one of the most impactful changes to our industry during our lifetimes. Regardless of one’s position on this topic, financial advisors find themselves fielding an increasing number of questions from clients regarding the investment case for bitcoin and digital assets. With the complexity surrounding this topic, how can advisors prepare for client discussions? We believe it’s simply being informed.

Please join Jan van Eck, CEO, for a presentation and engaging Q&A detailing the investment outlook for bitcoin and other digital assets, as well as a no-jargon overview of the underlying technology driving financial innovation and decentralization.

Jan Van Eck, President & CEO of  Van Eck Securities Corporation
How to Make an Emotional Impact with Your Words & Ideas. As a top producer, you have great ideas and a big mission. The way to express those ideas and get others to buy into your mission is through your words – spoken AND written. But it’s frustrating because even though you’re great at what you do, when you express yourself, people don’t always respond the way you want. This limits your ability to make an impact.

Your ability to make an emotional impact when you speak and write, is an essential ingredient to differentiating yourself and reaching your full potential as an advisor and human being. In this interactive presentation you will learn the top strategy for expressing yourself in a way that leaves an indelible mark on every prospect, every client, every person you meet.

Deirdre Van Nest, Speech and Story Strategist and the Creator of the Crazy Good Talks® Blueprint
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Kevin O'Leary - O'Shares ETF Investments

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Activating Your 10X Breakthrough.  In this dynamic and interactive presentation, Shannon Waller will explain why multiplying your business 10x is actually simpler and easier than aiming for 2x. You'll leave with a clearer idea of how to expand your personal freedoms of time, money, relationships, and purpose using the strategy of Who Not How™ and how to break out of your current comfort zone using The 4 C's Formula®. 

Shannon Waller, Strategic Coach®
The Transferrable Skills in Your Company: How to see around the known and unknown obstacles limiting the growth of your talent and ultimately your organization. 
Glenn Gonzales, Founder of Jet It
A Blueprint For Hiring Smarter & Better: Office drama. Toxic culture. Wasted time. The high cost of a bad hire isn’t just financial. It can demoralize your staff and destabilize business growth. So, how can you attract, retain and manage the right people for the long run? Two industry experts crack the code to building a successful practice. Ironstone CEO Andrea Schlapia and TalentWealth Recruiting Managing Partner Paul Garcia team up to break down the game-changing hiring secrets you just can’t get anywhere else. Plus: Andrea shares the benefits of her expertise as a Professional EOS® Implementer and why having a firm vision for the future can help keep top performers engaged. Boost morale – and your bottom line – with Andrea and Paul’s proven strategies. It’s a must-see session that delivers incredible food for thought and real world-resources.

Andrea Schlapia, Founder/CEO of Ironstone and Paul Garcia, Co-Founder of TalentWealth
You Had Me at Hello - How to Create More Trust, Prestige, and Thought-Leadership that Leads to More Referrals and Enrollments.  How do you gain the attention of larger groups of people, get more referrals and close bigger deals in a crowded noisy, and unforgiving market?  In this workshop, Mike will guide you step-by-step through a process that you and your agents can use to grow your business faster.
No expensive funnels, fancy marketing, or paid advertising are required.
Mike will demonstrate:

● His unique “Money Phone” strategy that you can use to find 10-100, highly qualified leads
● Where to find 20-100 highly qualified prospects in less than 30 minutes
● A simple way to engage prospects and enroll them faster
● How to craft a compelling message and sales story that attracts “right fit” prospects and turns them into customers quickly

He'll also include supplemental materials when you attend this hands-on, interactive PRESENTATION.

Mike Koenigs, serial Entrepreneuer and Best-Selling Author
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Tim Doyle with Vanguard 
Lunch & Networking
State of the M&A Landscape Within Wealth Management: How to operate your business as a seller and buyer

Matt Brinker & Rick D'Amico, Merchant Investment Management
How to Win at Wealth Management M&A: 
A conversation on M&A activity, valuations, a review of common pitfalls and how to be successful in closing M&A deals.

Come join senior executives from Dynasty Financial Partners and Cyndeo Wealth Partners as we discuss M&A best practices and common dos and don'ts for advisors interested in pursuing a successful wealth management M&A strategy.

Panel featuring John Sullivan and Harris Baltch with Dynasty Financial Partners and Matt Kilgroe of Cyndeo Wealth Partners
How to Clarify & Communicate Your Company Vision:  This talk will help you to begin to clarify your 3-year vision and how to communicate it so you can recruit top talent, align your current team, delegate the role of implementing ideas so you can focus on what you do best, and get key vendors, partners, and clients on board.

Jennifer Hudye, Founder and CEO of Conscious Copy & Co.
The Merits of Sustainable Investing.
Sustainable investing has experienced significant growth in recent years, both in flows and relevance to investors. What has driven this high level of interest? Putnam will discuss the merits of sustainable investing – for financial advisors and for asset managers – and the context for investment applications.

Caroline Edwards, Senior Investment Director in the Global Investment Strategies group at Putnam Investments
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8:15am- 9:00am
Taking Your Team to New Heights:  How to Build and Manage an Elite Team.  Please Join First Eagle’s Robert Milliman to learn more about what the industry’s Elite Teams are doing to elevate themselves to the next level and become more efficient.  First Eagle has partnered with the Oechsli Institute to deliver insights and strategies for building and managing elite teams.  

During the presentation, Robert will cover:
• Why Teams?
• Stages of Team Development
• Elite Teams Model
• 5 Essential Leadership Roles
• Wealth Management Processes
• Best practices from the Top 17% of Elite teams in the Financial Services Industry

Robert Milliman, National Sales Manager for the Independent Channel at First Eagle
Realizing the Gains of Thinking Bigger by Pivoting Digitally.
In today's world of digital disruption, it is not enough for organizations to merely be ‘up-to-date’, they need to be ahead of the curve and embrace the future before it comes. Forward thinking both strategically and tactically; Evolving to always think bigger; Redefining what is possible and Utilizing technology effectively are the traits of organizations who will be leaders in their industries. How an organization manages the ever-changing world of digital evolution while providing the highest quality services and products through continuous improvement will ultimately shape and determine its future.

This session will review the necessary components of people, process, and technology, and how their interactions create greater efficiencies and are critical to an organization’s future. We will learn how to incorporate them into strategic and tactical plans while being fluent with continuous improvement during this on-going evolution of disruption.

We will learn what several globally iconic organizations, such as Best Buy, Cedars-Sinai Healthcare, a Canadian financial services institute, and Coke Cola Germany experienced during their digital transformation and how they overcame the challenges while maintaining focus on continuous improvement. These case studies will provide insight that you can use in your digital transformation journey. The information presented in this session is practical and can be implemented immediately and as part of a long-term strategy for your company. As the pace and scope of disruption accelerates there is an opportunity for forward looking organizations to benefit while those who fail to evolve will cease to exist. As an elite entrepreneur this session will provide practical tools for your organization to continue to thrive.

Theresa Costich, President and Managing Partner of The Costich Group

Becoming a Thought Leader. Do you consider yourself to be an expert? How about a "Thought Leader” - one of those rare people who lead the conversation in their industry and enjoy all the attention, praise, and clients? In this hands-on workshop, TED speaker, Intellectual Capital consultant, and tech entrepreneur Jon LoDuca shows you how. From a research study that spans over 20 years and nearly 500 of the top 1% advisors in the US, UK and CANADA - Jon draws from deep insight about some of the very best in the industry and shares how they’ve cracked the code. You’ll learn what makes a Thought Leader, how you too can organize and communicate your ideas like they do, and how those ideas can be leveraged for market dominance.

Jon LoDuca, Founder and President of The Wisdom Link
Washington Pulse: Practical and Tactical Actions for Plan Sponsors:
In this session, John Carl will present and share his views on the following:
• Department of Labor (DOL) and IRS enforcement update
• Administration’s retirement-related initiatives
• Legislation related to retirement plans and tax reform
• Industry hot topics

After John’s session you will be able to:
• Quantify the enforcement efforts of the DOL
• Understand the IRS and DOL’s top enforcement priorities for retirement plans and IRAs
• Comprehend the retirement-related initiatives coming from Washington
• Identify current hot topics in the industry and know key points

John Carl, President/Founder, Retirement Learning Center, LLC brought to you by Principal Financial Group
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